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January 19, 2012
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TheSylva Herald & Ruralite Sylva, NC Thursday, January 19, 2012 11 A Hffme llr,00a catt.[00men will w a:nt to join group If you are a cattleman, then you will want to become ' a member of the Jackson, Macon and Swain Cattlemen's Association, which serves your interest and the area's interest in the cattle industry. (7,OOh This association meets about erative, once a month in either Jackson or Extension Macon County. Each meeting has an educational program that helps Corner cattleman with beef production in order to produce a high quality beef for the market. The association helps with marketing the local beef, while providing each cattleman the' best methods of cattle and pasture land management. It is a great group to network with also. The most recent meeting was held Jan. 17 at Southwestern Community College's Macon Annex, and officers By Rob Hawk were nominated. The next'meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 14, at the local Extension Office. Fees are $15 annually, and checks should be made pay- able to the JMS Cattlemen's Association. Contact me for more information at 586-4009. Transfer station has mulch The Jackson County Solid Waste Department has dou- ble-ground mulch for sale at $10 per loader bucket scoop at the transfer station on Mineral Springs Drive. Supplies are limited, and mulch will be sold on a first-come, first- served basis Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. until noon. For more information, call 586-7577. 2 3 4 Illl } 24 25 26 ) I $ 5 46 Tm I' CREATORS NEWS SERVICE ACROSS 1 Tuna, for one 6 Guy, in London . 11 __ Rosenkava/ier 14 Respond to reveille t5 #44, of the Braves 16 Man Answers: 1962 film 17 Hash house 19 Postal abbreviation 20 Invoice stamp 21 Town SW of Rome 23 Cowboy's need 27 Purchasing partner 29 Compare 30 Lease from a lessee 31 DEA raids 32 Contradict 33 Cleaning cloth 36Churchill Downs diet 37 Preach 38 Glenn's Gilda costar 39 Layer 40 Detects 41 Silent 42 Church songs 44 Seat belt feature 45 Greens 47 Nabs 48 Rice dish Clean Up Your Act 7 30 49 mm 11 12 16 19 22 33 34 38 54 55 56 By Charles Preston 49 L' __, c'est moi 25 Trout fly 50 Sargasso Sea fish 26 Phooey! 51 Money 27 Schismatic groups 58 Somme season 28 Benson, of the Four 59 Poet's Muse Tops 60 Test format 30 Love and mercy, e.g 61 Patriotic gp. 32Thin soup 62 Ole Miss student 34 Slanted 63 Land attachment 35 Airport exits 37 Orgl since 1960 DOWN 38 Motocross, e.g. I Droop 40 Newspaper employ- 2 Part of ETA ee 3 Stretch the truth. 41 Happy Together 4 Nutty __ fruitcake singers, with The 5 Hitler, et al. 43Actress Munson 6 Pesto herb 44 Hee-haw, e.g. .7 Dragnet gp. ,45 Hurry 8 Aztec treasure  46St. Peter's sculpture 9 Chinese statesman 47 Playwright Fugard .10 Raise to high status 49 Kitchen add-on 11 Campaign tactics 52 Ill-temper 12__ Klinker: Bergen 53 Research room dummy 54 Calif. campus 13 Palindromic detector 55 R. E. Lee's country 18 Where Bill met 56 Sance sound Hillary 57 Spud sprout 22 Bring suit --- 23 Jazz style 24 On even terms For answers, see this week's City Lights Bookstore ad 15 4 I 4 I 34 00-gT- 7 I 2 I1 2 5 6 m 9 -T T- 1 8 8 9 3 mm 7 Imi/I 00111111 3111/m Get your message across our Mini-Ad! L Herald Call our advertising department at 828-586-2611, x 209 for more details. A 'S ! 1 (8 112 ounce) can pineapple slices French dressing 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 1/4 cup finely ,chopped green pepper 114 teaspoon chili powder i; 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 4 slices bread Butter 4 slices baked or boiled ham Drain pineapple; brush slices lightly with French dressing. Combine cheese, green pepper, chili ! powder, and mayonnaise. Toast and butter breal / and arrmge on baking sheet. Top with ham then / pineapple slices. Spread cheese mixture over, each sandwich. Broil until topping is melted ant / golden brown; be careful not to burn. Yield: ' servings.  1 ~ Kara Jones, Caney Fok Rachael Hawes and Sam Bartlett, both of Sylva, were united in marriage during a 5 p.m. ceremony Saturday, Aug. 20, at Lake Lure. Dr. Nancy Bush performed the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Sarah and Geof- frey Hirsch of Bradford, N.H., and Steve and Pauline Hawes of Marathon, Fla. The groom is the son of Roger and Sue Bartlett of Sylva. Tommy and Renay Davis of Cullowhee announce the engagement of their daughter, Megan Marcia Davis, to Caleb Wilson Bradley, son of Tammy E. Bradley and John C. Bradley, both of Sylva. The bride:to-be is also the daughter of Vanessa Renee Dodd of Wilmington. The wedding is planned for 2 p.m. Saturday, May 19, at Lighthouse Baptist Church. t Mom's c This Christmas we had several cakes that were Mom's recipes. She was acake baker and liked to fix cakes for special occasions ,church functions, birthdays, holi- days - or just to have incase someone dropped by. She usually made sheet cakes, but on occasion she made bndt cakes. She didn't do the two-layer cake. She thought they were too much trouble. Once she finally found a sheet cake pan with a lid, she never was with- out one. She had several with little pieces of masking tape on the bottom with her name on it. She never took the tape off, so it got baked and washed with the pan until it was a part of it. Mom had several that were family favorites, in- cluding rum cake, fresh apple cake, apple stack cake, "D--- Cake" and the one I liked best, the two-egg yel- low cake with cocoa icing. Daddy's used to say his favorite was the "fell" cake. He would smell a cake bak- ing and say "I hope that's a 'fell' cake!" When I asked why, he said it was because "a cake that fell in the middle is the only one we get to eat. If it turns out OK, she'll take it to church." A favorite to take on trips was Mom's "D--- Cake." It's just a plain chocolate cake with chocolate icing made from scratch. Once when we were packing to go to the beach, Jerry was grumbling about all the food that Mom had fixed to take. "Myrtle Beach has stores," he said. He does like to eat .ore=down there because everything is fried. Anyway Mom had her cake in her pan with the lid on it, and when Jerry was trying to close the trunk, the cake fell out and splattered on his sneakers. "D--- Cake." I once madea dried apple stack cake to impress Morn. I set it out in my sun room to co01 and the dog bit a hunk out of it. I cut half of the cake away, and took the good half to show her anyway. She never knew, or she would never have let me bring it into the house. The dog or the cake. She liked to make a rum cake for Christmas, though I don't remember eating rum cake when I was a kid. She didn't bake rum cake for things at church, though I'm not sure why. Mom would not go into an ABC store for religious reasons, but she would send someone else. She sent my brother-in-law Sam when he was around, but once she was out of rum and had no alternative but to ask me.I guess she thought I was strong and wouldn't be tempted to buy other strong drink. The only requiremem &es was that I had to go to the Sylva ABC store and not the Bryson City store because she did not want me to be recognized in Bryson City. Now I've lived in Cullo- whee for more than 40 years. I tried to explain that if I went in the Sylva store there would be people from I Brown Mountain. Kitchen By Doaa West Bryson City who were trying not to be recognized and would recognize me. Then they'd tell people they saw me coming out of the Sylva ABC store with a brown bag. If I were to go into the Bryson City store, then no one would recognize me as her daughter. She never got that. Anyhow we went to the Sylva store one day to get her rum. She slipped me a bill and slid down in the seat, even thought she didn't really have to slide, be- cause she was so short you couldn"t see her over the door anyway. When she drove, it looked like there was no one in the car. I asked her what kind she wanted, and she whispered loudly, "rum." As I opened the door to the store, I noticed she had given me a $5. Even I know that $5 is not enough to buy anything except one of the tiny bottles, but I went ahead to get her rum. I asked the  cashier what the preferred "Granny Rum" was for i'um cakes, and he went back and got the cheapest bottle on the shelf. "This is it," he said. I don't remember the name, but I added a few dol- lars to it and came out of the store yelling "Is this the rum you wanted, Morn?" She didn't sit up until we made it to the Swain County line. My niece made a rum cake for Christmas, and I believe it had good rum in it. It was wonderful. El- len H0taling made a fresh apple cake for New Year's with Mom's recipe, except she replaced the milk with soy milk because she's allergic. I believe it is the best ever. But my all time favorite is the two-egg yellow cake, which is in all the cook- books. Morn would often make one in the evening after dinner, usually in the winter, and she would bake it in a big cast-iron frying pan. While it was baking she would make the cocoa icing, which was a stick of butter, a cup of cocoa, 2 cups of sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla and enough milk to make it thin. She poured this over the cake while it was hot, and we ate it up in a sitting. It wasn't a fell cake, but it was my favorite. I've never been one to make cakes, but now that Mom is gone, I feel like I need to take up the banner and stirt baking.